Vinifera Wines

In addition to the Muscadine wines produced at Adams Vineyards, we also carry a dry white vinifera wine.

North Carolina, USA 

Beulah -A dry white vinifera wine blended from Chardonel & Melody grapes. A pleasant aroma of florals and spicy to the nose, giving way to crisp, dry layers of pear, citrus, and wild honeysuckle. Best served chilled.

Wine Freezers

These delicious blends of Adult Slushy's are a great hit at any party or poolside, and totally awesome at the beach!! The flavors we currently stock are as follows: Mojito, Margarita, White Sangria, Peach Bellini (all four best mixed with PaPa Johnny's Reserve), Blueberry Pomegranate, Strawberry, and Red Sangria (these three best mixed with Matthew Red Reserve).

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A variety of homemade chocolates, homemade jams and jellies, and a gift shop full of unique T-shirts and wine accessories.

List of our wines:

Muscadine Wines  

Unique to the Southeastern United States, the Muscadine grape has been traditionally used to make sweet dessert wines. Adams Vineyards has strived to bring Muscadine wine into the 21st century and has succeeded in producing award winning dry, oaked, semi-dry and semi-sweet Muscadine wines that will leave you asking for more.

Scarlet Oak - Our driest Red Reserve Wine, hints of spice to the nose, medium oaked, with a mild toasted oak finish. You have to taste this unique (non-typical) muscadine wine to believe it. Some of our wine club members compare this wine to a Petite Pinot Noir style wine even though it is 100% muscadine. Best served at room temperature.

Ellis Red Reserve - Winner of the 2015 NC State Wine Competition MUSCADINE CUP, a semi-dry red wine made from the black muscadine grape. This wine is made with a low residual sugar content, bursting with natural grape taste and smooth finish. (hint...hint....most people associate the muscadine wines are all sweet.....this one does not fall in that category)

Blush Plantation Reserve - 2015 BEST IN SHOW white wine at the MID-ATLANTIC WINE COMPETITION!! Semi-dry blend of our bronze and black muscadine grapes, bursting with fruity aromas and a pleasantly smooth after-taste. We have achieved the perfect blush hue by using a blend of white muscadine wine and a small amount of red. Best served chilled.

Matthew Red Reserve - 2013 BEST IN SHOW at the MID-ATLANTIC WINE COMPETITION in Winston Salem, NC. A semi-sweet red wine blended with black muscadine grapes. A light and fruity red wine that leaves a clean refreshing after-taste, sure to satisfy any palate. Best served chilled.

PaPa Johnny's Reserve - Semi-sweet white wine, named after the founder of Adams Vineyards, John Adams, (AKA PaPa Johnny). This wine is a blend of bronze muscadine grapes, yielding a light aroma and mildly lively piquant flavor you can't resist. It has been called "White Bliss" by many! Best served chilled.

Winter Sunset Reserve - A beautiful seasonally blended wine released each fall. This is our "Vintner's Choice" and can be a little different from year to year. It is a balanced blended red and white semi-sweet/sweet wine. The wine is has a light and fruity smoothness, that appeals to a wide range of customers. As an added bonus, "Mama Joyce" uses this wine with mulling spices to serve and sell during the fall/winter months.

Willow White Reserve - Sweet white muscadine wine made with the white/bronze muscadine grape. It is sweet and smooth to the palate and is considered a dessert wine by many. Best served chilled. This was one of Papa Johnny's fav's!!

Revolution Red Reserve - A sweet "traditional" red wine made from a blend of our black muscadine grapes. It has a sweet soothing smooth taste. We recommend this wine to be served chilled. Another of PaPa Johnny's favorites!

Clara Breeze Reserve - A sweet white "traditional" Southern Scuppernong wine, made from the bronze muscadine grape. Sweet & fruity, yet finishes crisp and smooth. This particular muscadine wine is similar in sweetness and fruitiness to the Moscato wine. Our serving suggestions for this wine: "the colder...the better"!