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North Carolina Liquor License #27 from 1891 issued to Joyce's Adam's Grandfather, E.M. Clark.

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Producing unique, high quality North Carolinian wines that sustain our family farm heritage.


A Century Farm located just outside Raleigh, NC, Adams Vineyards will transport you back in time with a welcoming smile and down-home character. Immerse yourself in history, wander the vineyards, or browse the gift shop while sipping on some of the best wines North Carolina has to offer.

About Adams Vineyards

Adams Vineyards possesses those rare qualities one hopes to find in a local establishment - hospitality, relaxed atmosphere, and superior product quality. While extensive time and resources go into the creation of our wines, included in them are also those intangibles you’re unlikely to taste elsewhere.

A family tradition since 1891!


A working farm since the mid 1700’s, the 8th generation now farms native Muscadine grapes

and fruits in place of tobacco and cotton. Adams Vineyards has reached beyond the traditional sweet Muscadine wines and offers dry, oaked, semi-dry, and semi-sweet wines for your tasting experience.