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History and Benefits of Muscadine Grapes
 More information on the benefits of Muscadine Grapes please visit the North Carolina Muscadine Grape Association website.
The muscadine grape was first found in North Carolina.  The original vine is still in NC to view and is now the home of "Mothervine Vineyard."  The vine is called the mother vine.  It is not still alive but the skeleton can be seen.  It is over two feet wide at the base and covered an area over 1/2 of an acre large.  The scuppernong cultivar is now the state fruit of North Carolina.

Quick Fact: There are over 300 varieties of Muscadine grapes; only about 30 are good for wine.
You may have heard of scuppernong grapes, a very popular type of muscadine.  There are about as many different types of muscadine grapes as there are people who love them.   North Carolina is the home of our nation's first cultivated grape. Explorer Giovanni de Verrazzano, who explored the Cape Fear River Valley for France in 1524, wrote that he saw "...Many vines growing naturally there..."